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July Field Trip Fun With Tampa Orchid Club

In the midst of a scorching July, the Tampa Orchid Club took a field trip to Sarasota on a botanical adventure. They visited Plantio La Orquidea and Tropiflora. While some members met us there, club members boarded the van, fueled by anticipation for the treasures that awaited them.

At Plantio La Orquidea, the club members were welcomed and toured the greenhouses enjoying the atmosphere. There were a vast array of orchids, from Phalaenopsis to exotic Cattleyas and Vandas. Members and staff exchanged insights and tips, all the while selecting their own orchids to bring home.

After a morning of exploration and a picnic lunch, the group ventured to Tropiflora, a botanical oasis. As the day concluded, the Tampa Orchid Club boarded the van or vehicles with their new orchids and supplies.

Here's a quick snapshot of the happy van riders with their botanical treasures.

The Tampa Orchid Club posing for a after their field trip to Sarasota

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