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Ridge Orchid Society Show Success Thanks To Tampa Orchid Club Members & Their Blooms

We want to share our many thanks to the Tampa Orchid Club members who shared their blooms and helped with our display installation at the Ridge Orchid Society show last weekend, September 16-17, 2023.

We achieved a 3rd place display and best of all, many of our Tampa Orchid Club member orchids won ribbons and trophies!

Congratulations Tampa Orchid Club Members

Display of orchids from the Tampa Orchid Club members at the Ridge Orchid Society in 2023

A special congratulations to Lindsey Paris for the Kay Stone Memorial Trophy Best Epicat flower for her Lsu. Dick Pippin’s SunCoast ‘Yellow Yum-Yum’ and the Bill Nunez Trophy Best Cattleya Seedling Blooming for First Time Bc. Tigrinodosa.

Congratulations to Michelle James for the T.H. Alma Hutchinson Memorial Trophy Most Outstanding Cattleya Hybrid Ctn. ChocolateDrop.

Tampa Orchid Club received 13-Blue, 4-Red, and 3- White show ribbons for their individual plants.

Well done everyone!

Friendly Reminder: TOC Orchid Expo

Friendly reminder that the Tampa Orchid Club's Orchid Expo is quickly approaching this weekend, September 30th & October 1st. Learn more here.

Call to action with information about the Tampa Orchid Club's 2023 Orchid Expo coming soon



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