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Monthly Bloom Table

Check out the Tampa Orchid Clubs' bloom table orchids. Members displayed these plants at our January meeting. (Grower's name is followed by the plant name. Scroll to the bottom for award winners)

Ctt. Busy Bev 'Blue Jewel'.jpeg

Lindsey Paris

Ctt. Busy Bev 'Blue Jewel'


Betsy Schechter

Phal. Mituo Diamond Canary 'Red Gold'


Eva Balough

Ludisia discolor, alba

(Jewel Orchid)

Member's Choice Winner 

C. Kittiwke Brilliance X Lc. Melody Fair' 'Mishima'.jpeg

Alena Shield

C. Kittiwke Brilliance x Lc. 'Melody Fair'

Kay Reinhold's NOID Phal_edited.jpg

Kay Rheinhold

NOID Phal. 


Scott Bartlett

Angrecum 'Crestwood' Sesquipedale

Member's Choice Winner 

Lc. Callistoga alba.jpeg

Bob Munsch

Lc. Calistoga alba

Julia Harding's NOID.jpeg

Julia Harding



Lynn Turke

Bc. Yellow Bird 


Alena Sheild

Vanda Cherry Blossom 'Delightful'

Judge's Choice Winner

Bloom Table Award Winners

Below are the most recent Judge's Choice & and Member's Choice award winners from the Tampa Orchid Club's last meeting's bloom table 

Judge's Choice

Alena Sheild

Alena' s Vanda Cherry Blossom 'Delightful' won our AOS judge, Nancy Losgar's  award with her beautifully grown and displayed orchid.  


Members' Choice - Tie!

Eva Balough and Scott Bartlett

Eva's Ludisia discolor and Scott's Angrecum "Crestwood" Sesquipedale tied as the members' favorite so they both get a ribbon!   

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