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Monthly Bloom Table - June 2024

Check out the Tampa Orchid Club's  bloom table orchids. Members displayed these plants at our June  meeting.  (Grower's name is followed by the plant name. Scroll to the bottom for award winners)

Stanhopea wardii  Darwin Breu_edited.jpg

Darwin Breu

Stanhopea wardii

Judge's Choice Winner 

Den. Somkiat Blue....Lynn Turke.jpeg

Lynn Turke

Den. Somkiat Blue

Coelogyne Bird In Flight._edited.png

Bob Munsch

Coelogyne Bird In Flight

V. miniatum  ...MaryAnn Szeja.jpeg

MaryAnn Szeja

V. miniatum 

Den. Samarai   Bob Munsch.jpeg

Bob Munsch

Den. Samarai

Member's Choice Winner

V. NOID. .....Karissa Hendershot.jpeg

Karissa Hendershot


Phal. NOID ....Vani Gudeti.jpeg

Vani Gudeti

Phal. NOID

V. falcata .jpeg

Betsy Schechter

V. falcata


V. Manuvade X Dr. Anek Blitz's Heartthrob....Karissa.jpeg

Karissa Hendershot

V. Manuvada x Dr. Anek

Blitz's Heartthrob

Vaughnara Fiftieth Anniversary...Victoria Hewitt.jpeg

Victoria Hewitt

Vaughnara Fiftieth Anniversary

V. flabellata x Vandachostylis Luke Thai.jpeg

Betsy Schechter

V. flabellata x Vandachostylis 

Luke Thai

B. perrinii....Kay Reinhold.jpeg

Kay Reinhold

B. perrinii

Gram. scriptum ('short spike mutant' x sib)....Vani Gudeti.jpeg

Vani Gudeti

Gram. scriptum (short spike mutant x sib.)

Bloom Table Award Winners

Below are the most recent Judge's Choice & and Member's Choice award winners from the Tampa Orchid Club's June meeting bloom table 


Judge's Choice

Darwin Breu

This beautifully bloomed  Stanhopea wardii took the ribbon for Judge's choice for June 2024. Congratulations Darwin!


Members' Choice

Bob Munsch 

Another beautifully flowered orchid, Den. Samarai  from Bob Munsch  won our Member's Choice Award for June  2024. Congratulations Bob!

kathy cox 2 forms of leptotes .._edited.jpg

Bloom Table Submission Form

If you would like to come to our monthly meeting with your bloom table submission form printed and completed download the form here. We will have extra copies available at the meeting.

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