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Jim Roberts Den. Anosmum Program Highlights From Tampa Orchid Club Monthly Meeting

TOC Meeting March 26, 2024 with Jim Roberts on Anosmum

Jim Roberts did it again — delivered stunning orchids and presented vital orchid-growing advice with humor and good, common sense. 

We all appreciated his awareness of our various growing conditions and styles. He acknowledged that “what works” is the best advice, advice which is very reassuring to fairly new growers who have so many doubts about doing the right thing. Jim reminded us how variable that “thing” is.  

Jim shared much cool information about Anosmums with his characteristic  enthusiasm and a detailed slide show.  His talk was timely because this is the time of year Anosmums break out their glorious cascades of color. This huge species from the Philipines to Micronesia and Nepal grows one new cane every year and blooms yearly with soft canes up to 6 1/2 feet.  

Anosmum smell like raspberries, thwarting the species'  misnomer, which means "no scent."

 What do taxonomists know?

Jim's advice on growing Anosmum is "benign neglect," a practice we can apply to many plants.  Ignore in winter -- almost no water starting around Thanksgiving. Plants may look dead but they're not. Then move to more light and pile on the water and 1/4-1/2 strength fertilizer in spring, summer, and fall.  

Jim recounted buying a Den. pierardii 'Wanda Byrd' (an aphyllum) that had been awarded CCE 90 points, and had peaked with 3,400 blooms.  It had spent 36 years in the same pot, then swan-songed. Jim is reviving it now.

Such generosity! 

Our auction on March 30 was the most successful yet, and Jim's donated orchids added to our abundant selections.  We look very much forward to seeing Jim often in the future.



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